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how to cope with losing your wedding ring

How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

This article will discuss the three most common ways people lose their wedding rings and how to cope with losing your wedding ring.

Taking A Ring Off When Washing Hands Away From Home

Number one, this is the most common way wedding rings are lost: taking a ring off when washing your hands away from home. 

These days, hand washing is more important than ever, and you may be tempted to take your rings off. But remember, this is the most common way rings are lost. 

Although you may be trying to avoid getting soap on your rings, the risk of forgetting your jewelry on the counter is very likely and very common. 

Cleaning your ring is simple, but replacing your ring is not. So, please do not take your rings off when washing your hands outside of your home. Keep them on until you get home, where it’s safe to remove your rings. 

So remember, do wash your hands, and don’t remove your rings.

Wrapping Wedding Ring In A Tissue

ring holder necklace can cope with losing your wedding ring

Number two, wrapping it in a tissue. Ladies, when you’re out and about, have you ever taken your diamond ring off your finger and then wrapped it in a tissue to protect it before placing it in your purse or pocket? 

Now let me tell you, this is a very dangerous habit because you will likely forget that your ring is in this wad of tissue. And then, yes, you guessed it, before you know it, you’ve thrown your diamond ring into the trash. Literally, thousands of diamond rings have been unknowingly thrown away due to this simple mistake. 

What should you do instead? Place your ring in a zippered pocket. The reason people wrap their rings in tissue is to protect them. Instead, take out any hard objects from your zippered pocket before you place your ring inside. A scratch can easily be polished away, but losing your ring is irreversible. But remember, it is always the best choice to keep your ring on at all times when away from home.

Going To The Beach

Number three, going to the beach. One of the great things is the amazing beaches. But did you know that hundreds of rings are lost in the ocean every year? 

This is because when you go from the hot beach to the cool ocean, the drop in temperature will cause your fingers to shrink. This plus sunblock on your hands could cause your precious rings to easily slip off your fingers unnoticed, only to be lost forever. 

The best solution is, of course, to leave them at home in a secure place. But what should you do if you’re already at the beach and realize you still have your rings on? 

Well, here’s a simple tip: securely tie your ring to either the drawstring on your board shorts or your bikini strap like this, then take extra care with the usual bow or knot on your swim garment. This is much safer than leaving it on the beach or in the car. After a great day at the beach, if you’re not already wearing your rings, you’ll find them right where you left them.

Conclusion On How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment between two people, losing a wedding ring can be a stressful and upsetting experience for anyone. In coping with the loss of a wedding ring, hope these tips on how to cope with losing your wedding ring could help you.

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