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how to protect your engagement ring

How to Protect Your Engagement Ring: 5 Things to Avoid

How to protect your engagement ring? This article will discuss five things you should never do with your engagement ring. And remember to check out the bonus tip at the end.

Never Swim With Engagement Ring

Number one: you should never swim with your engagement ring. 

While having a great time in the pool or at the beach, you may not realize your engagement ring is exposed to harmful chemicals from sunscreen and pool water. These chemicals can cause damage to the metals and stones of your ring. 

Additionally, sand can be abrasive and cause scratches. 

Furthermore, the cold water may cause your finger to contract, causing the ring to slip off or become dislodged by a towel or a bathing suit.

Never Shower With Engagement Ring

Number two: you should never shower while wearing your engagement ring. 

Shampoo and soap can build up under the stone or diamond, potentially ruining the ring. The wet and slippery environment also increases the risk of the ring slipping off and falling down the drain.

Never Take Your Ring Off In A Public Bathroom

Number three: you should never take your ring off in a public bathroom.

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To properly care for your engagement ring, it’s crucial to avoid certain actions that can damage or cause it to get lost. For instance, taking off your ring in a public bathroom is not a wise decision as it’s a risky and unsecured location. 

It’s peculiar that some people would do this despite not taking it off when swimming or showering. To avoid losing your ring or exposing it to harm, it’s recommended that you don’t swim or shower with it, and refrain from removing it in public restrooms. 

Remember to be mindful of dropping it, especially around water and soap, as it can easily slip down a drain or land in an inconvenient spot. If you get soap on it, try washing around the ring instead of taking it off. You can clean it thoroughly when you get home if it gets dirty.

Never Wear It While Taking Clothes Off And Putting Clothing On

How to protect your engagement ring? The fourth thing you should never do with your engagement ring is worn it while taking clothes off and putting it on, especially sweaters. 

Sweaters and their yarns can snag that prong and pull it just enough. It can get under there and pull it. And you might even look at it and think, “It’s fine,” and it’s not fine. 

It has moved that prong just enough that sometime over the next couple of days, the diamond is going to fall out. The danger here is especially true in changing rooms when you’re at the mall and changing your clothing all the time.

We recommend that if you already have the ring on and you don’t have a safe place to store it, and you don’t want to take it off, twist it. Twist it so that the diamond part is on the inside and try to protect it that way. 

Try to cup your hand over it like this and operate in that way, so that you’re protecting the diamond and the prongs while getting dressed and undressed. If you practice this, you’ll become adept at it, and it will help you in the changing room.

Never Sleep With Your Engagement Ring

How to protect your engagement ring? The fifth thing you should never do with your engagement ring is sleep. You think, “I’m not doing much. I’m just lying there. The engagement ring is fine.” 

You think you don’t move around when you sleep, but you do. You move around, and your ring can get snagged on a blanket, a sheet, or a pillowcase, and it can cause some damage. 

With this ring, you can also scratch yourself or somebody lying next to you. You can brush your face. Some people have cut marks on their face from sleeping with their ring, or said they sort of fling around and cut their partner unknowingly in the middle of the night with their ring.

The Bonus Tip

When people are traveling or doing highly active things, they may not want to wear their normal wedding ring but still want to indicate that they are married or engaged. They can use a rubber ring to keep their real ring safe or to avoid losing it.

Similarly, during air travel, people may prefer to remove their engagement ring due to finger swelling or theft concerns. In such cases, having a fake ring that can be handed over in case of a robbery can be useful.

Another very useful method is to use a ring holder necklace.

Conclusion On How To Protect Your Engagement Ring

In summary, taking good care of your engagement ring is important to preserve its beauty and value. So, avoid swimming, showering, and removing your ring in public restrooms. Hope this article about how to protect your engagement ring may help you.